Dear Friends,
Today it is time for Great Sorrow and Great Happiness at the same time. Sorrow, because we at KryptoNation started with great expectations and great possibilities, But we could not achieve it, and happiness because today KryptoNation has been taken over and merged by a seasoned entrepreneur in his company, Zuper coins.

ZuperLabs, has come out with a CryptoCurrency of its own, ZUPERCOIN. The details about ZuperCoin can be accessed at Now you have Two Options, wherein, you can continue to take your Contribution (unfortunately, we'll able to return your 100% contribution only) or else you can avail the benefits for ZuperCoin by choosing to convert your Contribution (at Today's Dollar Rate) into ZuperCoins.

ZuperCoin is a Decentralized, Peer-to-peer, Digital currency established exclusively for E-Commerce market. ZuperCoins, once allotted can be used to Create Fresh Membership with ZuperNetwork (and earn up to 3% daily); or it can be used for re-charge facilility on your Bill Payments etc on ZuperCharge; or it can be used to buy goods and services from ZuperShoppe. will be available from 1st October, 2017, ZuperCharge will be available for recharge and other facilities wef 20th October, 2017 and, an online marketplace (Just Like FlipKart) will open on 1st January, 2018.

ZuperCoin is Poised to become very important and widely used cryptocurrency all over world thus creating a value for all stakeholders.To Choose One of the Two options, Please go through "The Procedure".

We hope that With ZuperCoin you will be able to achieve much more than you had anticipated from Happy NetWorking, happy ZuperCoin.

Team KryptoNation

For your Safety all the Passwords have been Frozen and ReSet. Please enter your UserName/UserId, and a Fresh Password will be Sent to you on your registered Email Address. In case, you have already retrieved your New Password please enter your UserId/Name and Password at the Place provided, enter your dashBoard and follow the instructions as given in "The Procedure"