Step 1 : For your Safety all the Passwords have been Frozen and ReSet. Please enter your UserName/UserId, and a Fresh Password will be Sent to you on your registered Email Address. In case, you have already retrieved your New Password please enter your UserId/Name and Password at the Place provided, enter your dashBoard and follow the instructions as given in Step 2
Step 2 : On your DashBoard, You account and your Current Balance is Shown
Step 3 : Choose One of The TWO OPTIONS Given :

Option A : 100% Cash Return Program. Here you balance amount is converyted into Dollar Terms (As per the dollar rates on the date you had joined). If you wish to choose this option your balance bitcoin will be converted into Dollars and will be credited to your Balance. The same will be released to you @ 5% pm (2.50% Twice a Month, every 5th and every 20th). On every 1st and 15th, 2.50% of the Balance amount will be credited to "Payable Amount". A Person has to make a "request for Withdrawl" before 4th of the month, 20:00 pm and 19th of everymonth 20:00 pm So that amount "payable" will be sent to your Registered BitCoin Adddress (in Terms of BitCoins).

For eg; If Mr A joined on 3rd March, 2017 by paying 2 BTC (the BTC/Dollar rate was $1000/BTC). And during the Period, he has already Received 1 BTC, his balance is 1 BTC (2 BTC (-) 1 BTC). Since Dollar RAte was 1000$/BTC, hence his account is Credited with 1 X 1000 = US$1000. Now Mr A will get 2.50% of 1000$ ie. 25$ every 15 days.

Option B : Convert it into ZuperCoins : Here the balance amount due will be converted into Dollar Terms (At the Current rate). When you Opt for ZuperCoin, the ZuperCoin Rate will be applicable as given in the Table below. The Dollar Balance will be converted into ZuperCoin as per the Rate in the table, and the equivalent ZuperCoins will be credited to your "ZuperWallet",as present on

For eg; ; In the example above, Balance 1 BTC will converted into Dollars @ $4200/BTC (Current BTC/$ Rate). The amount of 4200$ will be Available balance. Now lets say a person is opting this on 4th October; and on that day ZuperCoin is being allotted @ 1$/ZuperCoin, hence his Zuper Wallet will be credited with 4200 ZPR Coins.

ZuperCoin Rates Applicable for Conversion